Here you can view my current portfolio of animation reels and books.

Short Story

A shortstory about a young woman with a loving husband and giggling daughter, living in a world not like our own, is about to lose everything in a sea of chaos. After a fateful day she is thrust into events after which she is unable to tell the future from the past.


The Chronicles of Terlan describe the lives of the inhabitants of the forgotten continent Terlan, which is guarded by dragons. These tales tell of the time before, and during the events leading to Terlan's destruction. Caught up in these events are the Immortal, Asmada, a former member of the Triumvirate that had ruled Terlan in the past, and Daedala, a deaf woman brought back to life as an Immortal. She joins Asmada's quest to seek power and justice against Prometh. Together they seek allies and the Guardian Dragons to restore Terlan's peaceful balance.