Ongoing battle against empty pages


it’s been a while, but not without results. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m currently reworking/expanding my original manuscript. The current plan is to have it expand to include material for another book, perhaps even two. Many of the things that will be added are related to what the side characters are doing in the background.

Instead of concentrating solely on the journey of the main characters Daedala and Asmada more scenes featuring the actual antagonist Prometh will be included. Furthermore I will be adding the adventures of Jo and Nomo so that readers will know what those two have been doing while Daedala is doing her training.


The second editing phase has been completed, the manuscript is currently scheduled for beta reading in August. After that necessary corrections will be made and/or details added. As it stands now though the main text is complete.

A design for the cover will be made in the coming weeks, and work on several interior illustrations is also planned.